With operations throughout Europe, Asia and North and South America,
IDEAL INDUSTRIES develops, manufactures and sells products and services for:

  • Installers of UTP/STP structured cabling systems
  • Installers of data, voice and video transmission cables,
  • Industrial maintenance and repair organisations,
  • Electrical contractors
  • Utility companies
  • Commercial and residential building contractors,
  • Original equipment manufacturers.
  • Telecommunication industry,
  • Aerospace and aviation industry ,

IDEAL focuses on serving customer needs in DataComm and Telecommunication installation and testing, as well as cutting, stripping, terminating and testing wire. IDEAL INDUSTRIES is the world's leading manufacturer of wire connectors and wire management products. The company's products, which bear the IDEAL®, TREND, ANDERSON POWER PRODUCTS® and BUCHANAN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS brand names, include:

  • UTP/STP Cable Certification Equipment
  • Wiremap Testers
  • Fibre Optic Testers and Tools
  • Test Equipment in ATM, xDSL, SDH/Sonet, Gigabit Ethernet, and IP Testing
  • Voltage Testers
  • Multimeters
  • Power Quality Testers
  • Conduit Benders
  • Cable Ties
  • Lock Out/Tag Out Products
  • Fish Tapes
  • Lubricants
  • Wire Strippers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Connectors
  • Interconnects
  • Terminals
  • Lugs
  • High Precision Aerospace Wire Stripping Machines and Tools
  • and many more

IDEAL's History
In the early 1900's the electric motor was revolutionizing industry by allowing electrical power to be converted into mechanical power which was then put to work in factories. Mass production was in its infancy.

Our founder, J. Walter Becker, started IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. in 1916, after he developed an abrasive stone used in the maintenance of electric motors. That stone was able to resurface the commutator, the high maintenance component of early motors, without taking them out of service. From the beginning, IDEAL had the mission of making customers' lives and work easier.

J. Walter quickly outgrew his first development lab, his mother's kitchen, and moved to a manufacturing facility in Chicago. In 1924, along with his brother Lou, he moved his manufacturing operation to a small provincial town, eager to provide a better environment for his family and employees: Sycamore, Illinois, 90 miles west of Chicago.

Throughout the next decades, IDEAL prospered. IDEAL has a long history of product development coupled with acquisition practices that continue today. Over time, many new internally developed products have been added to serve not only industrial markets but also
commercial and residential electrical and data communication contractors. IDEAL has a leading position in the development and supply of high precision wire stripping machines and tools for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry.

International Expansion
Our first international relationships go back to the 1920's, when a product originally developed in Europe, the "Jasper" wire connector was licensed, and supplied by IDEAL in North America. It was the first step of what is now a cornerstone product of IDEAL, our screw-on wire connectors, known as Wire-Nut®.

We have served international markets through selected representatives and distributors since the 1960's, however earlier product offerings only addressed niches in motor repair and aerospace. As part of efforts to expand internationally, IDEAL opened its first wholly owned subsidiary outside North America in Warrington, England in 1992.

IDEAL's presence in Europe was further enhanced when a second European location was opened in Ismaning, Germany, shortly after the acquisition of the Wavetek LAN Cable Certification business in March 2001. Since then, significant growth in market share, brand awareness and sales volume has been achieved throughout the EMEA region.

The Wavetek acquisition has also served as an "IDEAL" platform for expansion in other export markets. Recent developments are the opening of customer support centres in Sydney, Australia; Beijing, China; Guadalajara, Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Another acquisition, Anderson Power Products® (APP) in 2001, specialised in the OEM connector market for DC high current low voltage applications provided the impetus for manufacturing plants in the US, and China, as well as a distribution centre in Hong Kong and the UK.

On February 19th, 2004 IDEAL announced the acquisition of the TREND Test Equipment Division of Telemetrix Plc. TREND is recognised worldwide as a leader of hand held test equipment in ATM, xDSL, SDH/Sonet, Gigabit Ethernet, and IP testing. Casella Measurement Ltd. was acquired in 2006 adding health and safety monitoring products to IDEAL's expanding portfolio with presence in the US and the UK.

In January 2010 Trend was merged with the European sales offices of IDEAL, forming IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS DIVISION, allowing IDEAL to apply more resources in sales, marketing, customer support and product developement - the latter having led to the formation of IDEAL INDUSTRIES PRODUCT SOLUTIONS - the new developement centre for Europe based in the UK.

IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS DIVISION is now represented in Europe with sales offices in the UK, Germany and France and will continue to serve customers and develop growth strategies across all areas of our business whilst always providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.