• What have you done to improve your product quality?

  • Quality has been addressed from the first day of design. Some examples: •It can be seen in the adapter design that ensures a rock-solid mating of adapters with the LANTEK 6 and LANTEK 7 test Units. •Temperature compensation circuitry has been used throughout the Test Units and Adapters to ensure stable operation in a variety of environments. •Extensive mathematical modeling was used to develop algorithms used for calibration and the individual tests. •Extensive testing was done and is being done on an ongoing basis to ensure that the LANTEK 6 and LANTEK 7 both produce Test Results equivalent to those that would be realized from a Network Analyzer. •Extensive Beta Testing has been done to ensure that the products perform in accordance with the expectations of our end-users, the installers. •The PCB manufacturer selected by IDEAL for the LANTEK 6 and LANTEK 7 employs the following Quality systems: •ISO 9002 certified •Mil-I-45208 Inspection •FDA Site Registered •J-STD-001 CLASS II and III •ANSI/IPC-A-610 CLASS II and III •Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

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