Dependable performance. Leading technical support services. Extensive breadth of line. These are among the crucial elements you look for when selecting test instruments, and just a few of the solid guarantees that stand behind every IDEAL tester and multimeter. IDEAL introduced it’s first solenoid tester in the 1940’s and since then has developed an extensive range of multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers and power quality analysers for professional electricians and electrical engineers. Most of these products are covered by IDEAL’s Lifetime Limited Warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the instrument, we’ll repair or replace it - for life!

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  • Power Quality Analysers – The 800 Series power quality analysers have been designed to measure and analyse single and 3-phase electrical systems. Extensive power and harmonics measurements in an easy-to-use hand-held package.
  • Clamp Meters – The selection of clamp meters offered by IDEAL suits a range of electrical environments. The 400 Amp capability of the 730 Series makes them perfect for residential and light commercial use. Whilst at the other extreme, the 740 Series is built to handle the high currents (up to 2000 Amps) typically found in utility environments.
  • Multimeters – Every multimeter has been designed with the needs of a different professional in mind. From the sophistication of the PlatinumPro® Series, to the lightweight, compact design of the 600 Series Pocket Meters, IDEAL has a multimeter for every electrician and every environment.
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