Focus on Network Installation and Troubleshooting


In this modern world, our dependency on network performance is becoming more and more critical. At the same time, bandwidth demand is increasing at a huge rate, overloading existing infrastructure and increasing the frequency of breakdowns. This means that the quality of cable installation and maintaining network performance is becoming increasingly important. Bad quality installation or poor network performance costs businesses money in today’s world. There are many options available to address this but they can be expensive, very complex or too basic to meet the requirements.  IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS provides a range of solutions for WAN & LAN installation and maintenance which meets the highest technical demands, whilst offering products which are flexible, easy to use at an affordable cost.


High Quality Solutions


IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS provides test solutions from LAN cable installers, network technicians, IT managers up to Telecoms operators and service providers. The range includes copper cable testers, Cat 5 to Cat7A cable certifiers, OTDR’s, 1 GbE testers, xDSL testers, network troubleshooting tools and more. There is a high quality test solution to meet the needs of most users. Our focus is on delivering products which test to the very latest standards and highest technical requirements but do not require a professor to use them. Designed to ensure accuracy of results are achieved with easy to use interfaces, they ensure the job is done faster and right first time ultimately, saving money.


As well as testing, IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS also provides a comprehensive range of installation products and materials. There is a large range of copper cable and fibre preparation tools, connectors, fishtapes and lubricants to help make any installation job easier and quicker. This catalogue is a one-stop-shop for all LAN/WAN installers, maintenance technicians and network managers.