IDEAL were the first to create a system to help you install, terminate and troubleshoot communications cable. Whether you're handling UTP, STP, Coax or Fibre cables, IDEAL DataComm has the supplies you can count on.

Our high-quality product range includes cutting, stripping and termination tools each specifically designed to help keep your networks up and running.

  • Deluxe Cable Service Kit – all the tools a DataComm installer needs to cut, strip and terminate twisted pair cables in a handy holster.
  • Split-Tip Fibre Optic Swabs – for easy and efficient fibre cleaning. With alcohol preloaded in the handle, a single swab is good for multiple cleanings.
  • Fibre Inspection Microscope – rugged 100X/200X microscope with universal adapter makes detailed inspection of ferrule cleanliness and core condition possible.
  • Serrated Cutter with Breaker Notch– super hard cutting edges made from superior quality high-carbon stainless steel make cutting through Kevlar® coated fibres a piece of cake.
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