Every day IDEAL considers the needs of electricians and the result is a line of products worthy of a professional. Throughout the world, IDEAL is recognised as the market leader for wire connectors. Products like the Wire-Nut® and Twister® have been industry standards in North America for many years whilst the In-Sure™ push-in connector range has found significant new markets in Europe and elsewhere. The right tool in your hand can make all the difference, so IDEAL manufactures high quality tools for virtually every job. The Reflex™ TM– Stripper range is ergonomically designed to help reduce muscle fatigue and offers the highest stripping accuracy, whilst our range of cutting supplies and totes is unsurpassed in the industry. For professional installations with the least amount of effort just add our advanced formula lubricants and wire pulling products to your IDEAL supplies list.

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  • In-Sure™ Connector – low force, push-in wire connector for fast and easy connections in branch circuit, OEM lighting and retrofit appli- cations.
  • Reflex™ Premium TM-Stripper – designed for total comfort, total control wire stripping. Ergonomic handles are designed to fit an electrician’s natural grip thereby reducing repetitive motion fatigue.
  • ClearGlide™ Wire Pulling Lubricant – clear and colourless lubricant is great for indoor and retrofit pulls due to it’s non staining formula.
  • Zoom™ Fish Tape – used to pull cables through metal and plastic conduit. Nineteen strands of stainless steel coated with an ultra-hard molecular density nylon jacket won’t rust or corrode as it zooms through your most difficult multi-bend applications.
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