IDEAL DataComm testers enable installers, contractors and maintenance technicians to map, test and troubleshoot UTP, STP and coax communication cables. Our rugged and versatile range of testers covers many application areas including, cable tracing, hub detection, length measurements and checking for common wiring problems such as opens, shorts and split pairs. From simple one function testers to more advanced multi-function models, there is sure to be an IDEAL DataComm tester that measures up to the job.

  • LinkMaster™ - The low cost “wire-mapper” range for use on UTP/STP twisted pair and Coax cabling. As well as checking for opens, shorts and split pairs, some models can measure the cable length and blink a hub light.
  • NAVITEK™ - Network troubleshooting tool that can identify port services (Ethernet, ISDN, POTS and Token-Ring), confirm network connectivity (PING and HUB BLINK), and obtain network performance data in addition to wiremap tests for verification of the physical installation.
  • VDV MultiMedia Tester – With integral USOC, RJ-11/12, RJ-45 and coax connectors, VDV tests every mainstream Voice, Data and Video cable found in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe – Easy tracing and identification of individual cables within a bundle.
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