IDEAL was the first to create a system to help you install, terminate and troubleshoot communications cable. Whether you’re handling UTP, STP, Coax or Fibre cables, IDEAL DataComm has the supplies you can count on.

Our high-quality product range includes cutting, stripping and termination tools each specifically designed to help keep your networks up and running.

  • Wire Cutters – Data TM-Cutter, Ratcheting Cable Cutter, Battery Powered Cable Cutter - cover a broad range of cable types and cable diameters.
  • Wire Strippers – Tele TM-Stripper, UTP/STP Cable Stripper, Media Twist® Stripmaster – different job requirements afford different tools, pick the one which suits your stripping needs best.
  • Crimp Tools – Kinetic Super™ Wire Stripper/Crimper, PremierMaster™ Crimp Tool, CrimpMaster™ for RJ11, RJ45 and IDC plugs ... guaranteed repeatability of good mechanical and electrical connections.
  • Punch Down Tools – Insert and cut terminations effortlessly with our range of punch down tools. Different models can accommodate Krone, 110 and 66 blades.
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